Sólveig Katrín

I am an art therapist and walk a path of faith in life.

I believe in the human spirit and our potentials and that we can be soulfully connected and creative in life. My path in life is to become that and be a guide for people who seek it as well.

The artist in me want´s to find an outlet for my creations so I will offer original art work, commissioned paintings and prints of my art work in my Fine Art America page. I know that with the right intention art can become sacred and can be a healing aid for those who need it. When I paint I oftentimes start with an idea from my intuition or a feeling, which is not yet processed in my mind. I let the process begin and I trust it and I move into my heart and I let the painting itself emerge. This is how my art is most of the time intuitive expressive art, but at other times emotional release or a healing. It is my medicine and also has been my tool in my work as an art therapist for last 10 years. I love this process and it always reflects back to me its wisdom either coming from a client or myself. The art or expression has its own voice and it is always authentic and true. Everything is connected, and has its own special energy and vibration and so is art. Art is healing both for the creator and the observer

As an art therapist I also know the healing power of artistic expression, and from that perspective aesthetics and skills really do not matter. What is important is your unique expression of feelings, unconscious material and ideas.I believe we are all creative, and creativity comes through different channels. We just have to find our expression, because it is empowering!

I know that to use my Art to Heal and to help other people Ignite their Creative Spirit is my path. Soul Art Medicine is my soul´s purpose that I will hone and nurture as it grows with me, and I am honored to let its voice be out there. It is twofold both as a vibrational artwork and as a process in creativity. It is my sincere quest and wish to help people who could benefit from applying Soul Art Medicine in their lives.

As well as offering commissioned paintings for healing and positive vibrations, I will offer on-line creativity services for people and individuals as well as giving guidance and inspiration on creativity, art, nature connection, shamanism, soul purpose and energy work

I am so thankful for all of you beautiful people out there who take time to read my subject of passion and follow my blog. It is inspiring to make a community of like-minded people who are on their unique walk in life and support each other’s paths.

I am excited to follow my heart´s calling and be welcome to join me on this unfolding journey.

Love and light

Solveig Katrin

35 thoughts on “Sólveig Katrín”

  1. Art Medicine Woman there is something about your paintings … they capture something alive in Nature! I’m working on a piece about the nature of consciousness .. does that spark anything to you? because if yes, I would love to bring your visions into my style of writing!

    1. Thank you 5eidsen. I am glad you like my paintings and that is exactly what I want to capture the “energy in nature” that is always alive. The web of life all interconnected with energy. Exciting to hear about your piece, would love to know more about it, is it becoming a book? Send me an email about using my visions in your writing, could be interesting co-work! soulartmedicine@gmail.com

      1. SO glad you like the idea! I finished my study in math today, so now I can finally work on what matters to me 😀 But I’ll send you and email with more detail and it’ll be very soon I hope!

  2. Love to you, thank-you for following my blog, your words resonate with my spirit, be blessed precious woman xxx

  3. Love and light and may my every shamanic dream richly inspire you and yours… may your journey keep ascending to octaves not even you could previously have fathomed…

  4. What a beautiful soul expression! Your medicine is very powerful as well as beautiful! Weaving art and shamanism is brilliant because the story is then visual as well as spiritual. This is a gift, and this is your time!

  5. Wow. I can relate. This is a lot like how I write my healing notes. Thanks for finding my blog. This is really inspiring. I just put together a little book and deck of cards and am not sure exactly where it will lead but my intention is to inspire others and keep writing as part of my own healing journey. So nice to meet you.

    1. Dear Laurie how beautiful! I am so glad to hear you are sharing your gifts to the world through your creativity. I look forward to read your book and deck**sounds wonderful** Namaste ❤

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