Vibrational Art- Soul Art Medicine


When I paint I oftentimes start with an idea from my intuition or a feeling, which is not yet processed in my mind. I let the process begin and I trust it and I move into my heart and I let the painting itself emerge. This is how my art is most of the time intuitive expressive art, but at other times emotional release or a healing. It is my medicine and also has been my tool in my work as an art therapist for last 10 years. I love this process and it always reflects back to me its wisdom either coming from a client or myself. The art or expression has its own voice and it is always authentic and true.

With this painting, The Fire Deva,  I felt an urge to work with a tree´s energy and I felt it wanted to be orange and magenta. Slowly in the process a deva or spirit appeared out of it and got very energetic. I almost felt how it transformed into a fiery energy being yet somehow grounded. This is how my art process becomes a soul art medicine. I can feel how the energy changes and I can feel how my painting gets imbued with different energy like having a spirit on its own. It is by no coincidence it manifested. It is always something I need. It came from my core as a messenger, a mirror and also a healing aid. I needed to breathe in the life-force it emanated. Slowly and surely, as I listen and notice, its power and wisdom speaks to me and I learn to tap into its unique symbolic language. The image is surely the language of the soul as well as other arts.

Everything is connected, and has its own special energy and vibration and so is art. Art is healing both for the creator and the observer. More and more researches are done how the art process itself heals, here is a short news from BBC on the power of art 

Art can become your medicine as well, both for you as to change the energy vibration of a room with a painting, or to meditate with it, or through the art process itself. You don´t need any artistic skills to start doodling and working with colors and paint. It is about moving into a journey from the heart and let it guide you through. It becomes like a meditation where one needs to quiet the mind and the negative inner critic and surrender to the art and colors.

I surely want to let the world know about the healing power of art and the art making. It is as old as humanity! We used its medicine when we were living in caves surviving difficult situations. It has grown with us ever since. The natives are wise and use its power with reverence and humility, both as a healing aid like the sand-paintings of the Navajo Tribe to restore balance or the Sand Mandalas of the Tibetan Buddhism, reminding us of the finality of life.

I am so thankful for all of you beautiful people out there who take time to read my subject of passion and follow my blog. It is inspiring to make a community of like-minded people who are on their unique walk in life and support each others paths.

I know that to use my Art to Heal and to help other people Ignite their Creative Spirit is my path. Soul Art Medicine is my soul´s purpose that I will hone and nurture as it grows with me, and I am honored to let its voice be out there. It is twofold both as a vibrational artwork and as a process in creativity. It is my sincere quest and wish to help people who could benefit from applying Soul Art Medicine in their lives. I will offer commissioned paintings for healing and positive vibrations and I will offer on-line creativity services for people and individuals as well as giving guidance and inspiration on creativity, art, nature connection, shamanism, soul purpose and energy work.

I am excited to follow my heart´s calling and be welcome to join me on this unfolding journey. What is your passion and path? Start to make it true by living it and breathing it and make its voice be heard and seen. Everyone has a unique gift to offer the world. Lets spread our wings and let our light shine!

Love and light



Flowing abundance exercise


I always gain inspiration from nature both for my art and ideas. Now I feel the call of the waterfall!  I’m  in awe how its power cascades abundantly, ever flowing, endlessly for eons and times yet to come.

Abundance is everywhere in nature, effortlessly showing its energy through the cycles of life. It moves through the seasons, with its ebb and flow sometimes extrovert and blossoming and other times dwelling within, hidden and silent. But the waterfall flows with the river through all the seasons, always strong, vibrant and powerful.

I want to merge with the waterfall, surrender to its flow, not swimming against the current, but become one with its waters and flow with the river into the powerful ocean of abundance.

I remember when in workshop in Andean shamanism we were supposed to meditate by the river and take in the river´s energy, connecting with it through sacred reciprocity or Ayni. It felt powerful to sit still and with intention and focus merge my energy with the river through my breath and feeling of expansion. When I felt I connected I waited for the river to respond back so I felt its energy move through me.

That was purely magical and powerful. That is sacred connection that is so close but unfortunately we have so often lost. I want to share an abundance exercise to reclaim our connection. Everyone can do this exercise and if we want to connect with abundance we can easily do so with practicing Ayni in nature. Here are simple but powerful steps;



  •  Connect with an element in nature that feels abundant to you, it can be a river, a waterfall, a flower or a tree for example and make yourself comfortable close to it.
  • Empty your mind and let your thoughts flow down to Mother Earth, use your breath to help you connect and cleanse.
  • Be aware of the heart energy within you and connect with it through your intention and breath.  When you breathe in you take in light and when you breathe out imagine you are expanding your energy or your light.
  • Expansion. Imagine you are bowl of light that is slowly expanding and you are letting yourself go and you are opening yourself up in a safe way. Breath your heart energy to the element. You slowly feel the expansion and when that happens you can also feel you are the element you are connecting with.
  • Feel the element within you, feel as if you are it! Feel and imagine how it moves through you. You and it are ONE.
  • When you feel the element within you, you have made a connection, and you can wait for a response or a gift it has for you. Be silent and notice, just feeling and being one with it.
  • Take in the abundance that it has for you, breath it in and feel it on a deep level. Connect with the effortless feeling of growth that does not need to push or make an effort to be. It just is!
  • Imagine how the abundance moves through you effortlessly. It is a part of you. Merge and flow with it! Stay with this feeling as long as you wish.
  • When the time is right you silently thank the element you connected with and slowly come back, reduce your energy to normal.
  • Ground yourself, feel your roots and be thankful for the beautiful exchange of energy.

Know that you are worthy of abundance and it can easily flow to you just like the river´s current. The more you connect with its energy the more you can tap into it and feel it within.

Feel the river flowing, not outside you but within you
Feel the fire and heat, not outside you but within you
Feel the flow of air and freedom, not outside you but within you
Feel the earth, not below you but within you
Feel the Spirit, all-embracing

Love and light




Walking in Beauty


Walking In Beauty (Navajo Prayer)

Today I will walk out, today everything unnecessary will leave me,

I will be as I was before, I will have a cool breeze over my body.

I will have a light body, I will be happy forever,

nothing will hinder me.

I walk with beauty before me. I walk with beauty behind me.

I walk with beauty below me. I walk with beauty above me.

I walk with beauty around me. My words will be beautiful.


In beauty all day long may I walk.

Through the returning seasons, may I walk.

On the trail marked with pollen may I walk.

With dew about my feet, may I walk.


With beauty before me may I walk.

With beauty behind me may I walk.

With beauty below me may I walk.

With beauty above me may I walk.

With beauty all around me may I walk.


In old age wandering on a trail of beauty, lively, may I walk.

In old age wandering on a trail of beauty, living again, may I walk.

My words will be beautiful. (Navajo Prayer)



Reflections on the power of NOW

Reflections on the power of NOW

Today I am back home after I did a ritual in the woods with dear friends. I released all the heavy energies that have accumulated within me and I celebrated the light within and without. I feel lighter and blessed. The fire is transformative.
I made a commitment to walk my path, follow my heart into my purpose and be true to myself. Recently I have felt how easily I can be put out of balance thinking and worrying about the future, money, work etc. easily forgetting what I have “now” and enjoy the blessings in my life. Therefore I have set an intention to do my best to be in the “Now” and move towards more light and joy in life.
I want to reflect and free flow with words about the “Now”.

I am NOW, I exist NOW and I am living NOW. I am not yesterday or tomorrow because that is in my thoughts, not existing here. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, today is my life. My thoughts are like wild horses, moving fast and ahead of me, not enjoying the moment, I have to tame my mind horse so it can be still and take in the beauty here and now. When I am in the moment everything is still and there is pure bliss and consciousness. Here I can experience being-ness of my soul, like I have found a harmony within, magically connected.
In the “NOW” I tune into my intuition, my soul´s inner guidance system that leads me to the right decisions and where creativity lives. I follow my hunch and ideas and they guide me exactly where I am meant to be. So I am always tuned in and growing towards my purpose.

In the “NOW” I feel how grateful I am having a roof over my head, food that nourishes, hands that paint, boys to feed, love to give, money to buy, things to enjoy, family to love… I appreciate all the gifts life has granted me. Everything that I have gone through has strengthen who I am and made me into the person that I am today. Every lesson is a gift and learning experience.

I am going to cultivate thankfulness, being grateful for every day, every gift, every NOW, every person I encounter. It is precious, so precious, thank you, thank you, thank you…

Lets celebrate being “NOW”! We are enjoying the ride on the way! Not waiting for tomorrow, or when this or that happens! We are in perfect place at this moment, taking in the lessons we need so we can learn and keep growing into who we are meant to become! Taking a short detour does not help us!
In the NOW we are moving perfectly into our future enfolding into our power. So come and join me in acknowledging the power of the NOW and of gratefulness and as the painting depicts “rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the old and be reborn into your power and purpose”. We become powerful in the being-ness of fully embracing who we are in the “NOW”. And being grateful attracts more blessings into our precious “Now”.

Love and light


Summer Solstice Ritual- Awakening to the light within

Solar Feminine

Last night I meditated with this image on my altar, surrendering to the energies of Summer Solstice, “the turning of the wheel” and thought about how our ancestors celebrated solstices with rituals and celebrations. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we experience peak of light energies flowing in and our brothers and sister in the Southern Hemisphere are having the longest night and now slowly moving towards the light. How can we apply these planetary changes and movement through these cycles into our lives?

When I look at this from above I see there is perfect harmony between light and darkness in our planet right now. And therefore auspicious time to work both with the light and dark within us. When we experience high Summer we feel energized and outgoing, it is a time of blossoming and exploring, being outside and enjoying ourselves. In the winter time it is time of introspection and drawing the energies within. We move deeper towards ourselves and rest more in our homes. These are natural tendencies but of course these depends on our situation and our life.

I always feel as I have been coming from the dark into the light during this time. I feel I can let go of things that no longer serve me and release stuck energies and emotions. I am going to make a bonfire tomorrow and do a ritual of both release and renew. Release and let go so I can let more light shine in. It is a time to embrace the new energies wether we are moving into summer or winter.

magical bonfire on the beach
I often do a death prayer arrow where I take a stick or a branch from nature which I can either paint or put ribbons on it that can represent something I am ready to release. Then I take another stick which is the life prayer arrow to represent my goals and dreams that I want to take with me into the next cycle. After lighting the bonfire, I wake up the energies around through drumming or singing and I start to build up energy. I do it my way awakening a sacred circle within the medicine wheel. Then I focus on the death prayer arrow and let it all flow into the stick to be released and burned in the fire. Sometimes it feels right to dance or walk counterclockwise around the fire until you feel the timing is right to release it. I let the transformative fire burn it in a symbolic act. After that I feel I am ready to let the light fill me and I can focus on my dreams and the life prayer arrow, silent sitting by the fire, putting more dream ribbons or feathers on it. The life prayer arrow comes home with me after the ritual, reminding me of where I am heading and is symbolic for my dreams. It becomes one of my power arrow that is directed towards my goals and visions.

We can start to become co-creators and start to make symbolic acts in our lives through rituals and tuning into the prevalent energies in nature.

Have a magical Solstice***

Art, Creativity, Finding your path

Embracing the WILD within-Being in tune with NATURE

nature trees


Embracing the Wild Within-Being in tune with Nature

What is the wildness of your soul?  Civilization has left us become like a flock of sheep we have forgotten our wildness and our connection to Nature. We are out of tune, disconnected to the rhythms of Nature, lost in our own mind or minds of others through TV, games and other distractions.

So what can we do to tune in, connect and reclaim our wildness? What do I mean by wildness? Our wildness is unlimited power and intuition to follow our instincts, make healthy boundaries, break free from limited and challenging situations, and become the Creators in our lives. We are in tune with our Inner Nature through our intuition and we also move in tune with Nature. Together intuition guides us through synchronicity and an inner knowing through symbols in nature and life.

Nature is the Greatest Teacher. It shows in- breath and out-breath of energy through its moon cycles and natural changes in different seasons and the duality of life through day and night.  When we tune into it, and trust its guidance we will get signs from Nature. When you start to Be Aware in Nature it starts to speak to you; from looking at the clouds, finding feather or a stone, looking at the lake, seeing special bird or animal passing by. It language opens up, your wildness awakes and your inner Nature feels the connection to Nature and you Become One, Connected.

Everything has a meaning to it and when you start to notice you are tuning into communication with Nature. The indigenous people of this planet apply this wisdom in their lives. They have never lost this connection, they know. They know that Nature is Alive vibrant with energy and life-force and they connect to it through ceremonies, guidance and daily life. They connect to the Elements of Creation and use it as Co-Creators in Life. They breath in “fire” energy when they need courage, they tune into the “water” when they need cleansing of soul and mind. They breathe inspiration through “air” and they ground through “earth” connection. They know we have these elements within us and we can use it wisely to help us gain balance. They tune into nature and get its wisdom through its symbolic language.

I am grateful for being born in a Country where wildness of Nature is left untouched. I am grateful for living close to Nature for tuning in. Iceland is raw and wild and it is sometimes difficult country to live in, very dark during the winter and very bright during summer. I have started to tune more into its rhythms, loving the dark winters, feeling like a bear hibernating in cave. It is a time to dive within and love being the introvert and I can give myself a lot of alone time to contemplate and meditate. In spring everything wakes up, it is time to nurture the “dream seed” of my life, and think about what I need to plant in my life. What dream do I need to nurture? It is the perfect time to wake up to life, like nature waking slowly after winter’s stillness. In summer the time is to rejuvenate and take in summer´s energy, take in the sun, the fire, openness and blossom. In autumn it is a season of harvest and release. I give thanks for the plenty and I release the old like the trees and walk brave into the next season. I am ready to dive within. I also try to initiate new things on a new or waxing moon then there is auspicious time for new beginnings, the powerful energy of the moon is waxing, like the seed you have planted. I like to release and heal on a waning moon when the energies are withdrawing. This is examples how we can apply nature wisdom and rhythms into our lives and let it work its magic through us.

When we connect to nature on a deep level it Heals you, it gives you Energy and you start to Trust. We feel not so out of tune, we are embraced by nature and we feel connected again. There we can start to heal our lives! Wake up! Realize we are a lion not a sheep! We are unique! We have unique gifts! We listen to our intuition! We start to walk our path!


Here we are, more connected, more alive, more in tune. As we walk our Path we start to act on our intuition and therefore start to be the Creator we are meant to become. We take action; we move on, we follow that hunch. We stop being like string puppet in life, powerless, aimless, as a leaf in the wind. No we make our stance and grow into our purpose unfolding like a flower with our own special fragrance. Become who you are meant to be, wild like a flower!

“Just be yourself, utterly yourself. And don’t be bothered about what kind of flower you turn out to be. It does not matter whether you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is flowering” OSHO


With love and light





Fire Goddess- Art Work- Solveig


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

Finding your path

Medicine Woman- Following my Path


Medicine Woman-Solveig

I am on my shamanic path, weaving ancient tapestry of wisdom into modern daily life, with one feet grounded on earth whilst the other is walking the Spirit Road. It is sometimes difficult limbo to find the middle road  and not getting lost in daily life and struggle or lost in Spirit, loosing earth connection. That is why I love the image and the symbolism of the tree to stay grounded while I grow into my spiritual path. Last four years I have been studying and applying shamanism into my life. Working with elements of nature, the medicine wheel, ritual, energy, healing and using power tools like drumming and also making my own sacred Art and Tools. It has been a journey of healing and exploration. It has taking me on a new path, diving deep into my own core, finding and facing my shadows, working with archetypes like the Wild Woman, Hermit and the Fool, facing my own fears and wildness, trusting my heart, starting to listen to my intuition and take the risk of fully embracing who I am. It takes courage to come forth of  the spiritual closet, being the “strange woman” and just let my own authentic voice be heard. It is The Hero´s Journey, to bask into the adventure of your own life, become the co-creator and risk being seen or perceived as ,,different”. It does not matter what other people think, the ego trying to hold you back while your soul is calling more light to your being. It is a path we need to take, we are born to become our soul´s blueprint not our false self ego identity. That is a path of the shaman to die the old self to be reborn to who you are meant to be. It takes courage. We stop to dance our “survival dance” and start to dance our “soul´s dance”. That is the path of the Medicine Woman and Man who listens deeply to her/ his soul, finds her/his power through wholeness and healing and starts to use her/his own medicine gifts to the world. First we need to become whole so wholeness can be given to others, through our gifts. It is a long journey and I hope my ongoing journey into wholeness can give some insight and help to others who are on the same path.

Love and light



Finding balance through the Elements of Creation


The elemental Goddess



The elements are all around us and within us, therefore very important is finding harmony and balance within. Our goal is to unite and work in balance with these forces both within and outside of us. Excessively use of one element or the other can be destructive and take us out of balance.

Mother Earth has her forces of creation always working its magic throughout time and history. In harmony they dance in balance creating healthy web of life around our planet.

Its not by any change that they are called the creative forces as they are powerful energies that can both destroy and create. Together they build and sustain our life on our beautiful planet and without them no life could thrive.

These are magical forces, our building blocks, with Spirit permeating all around, creating the alchemy of life and growth. Within we can learn from our Earth Mother and learn to use these elements gaining balance and power.

In the stories of the past the alchemists worked with the elements to change lead into gold. The metaphor in these stories are true, we can truly grow and find the gold within using the magic of the elements in harmony.




To be grounded-to manifest into form

Earth is our stable ground, our security in matter, our Earth Mother that feeds us, sustains us, gives us shelter. Here we come to grow and our Spirit embodies and walks our path. Matter is tangible we can move our ideas and dreams into form and earth holds that form. It becomes manifested into matter. Our body holds earth, our bones and skin and we sustain our body with food. Earth is the cup that holds the water and it flows through its veins to the sea. Earth gives fire wood so it can be sustained and kept alive. We need to be grounded to use our abilities properly, so we can grow like a tree and blossom and share our gifts to the world.

We ground when we connect to nature, when we connect to our body and listen to it. We ground ourselves when we nurture our body with good nourishment and when we touch our loved ones and when we pamper our body through massage or body treatment. We can ground our energies with focused intention in meditation and vision journey. Feel earth! Be that tree! Touch your ground! Manifest that dream! Make it happen!




To be inspired-to flow with imagination

Air is the blowing wind around us sometimes whispering soft melodies, but often stormy and swift. It is ever changing like the thoughts in our minds and ideas that flow to us. Here we connect to our life giving substance the oxygen, our breath of life. We need air to stay alive, our lungs holds the air and we need air to keep the fire alive. To connect to air is to connect to the wind and let it cleanse our thoughts. Our thoughts can be calm like a lake or it can be chaotic like a storm. The air element is connected to imagination and inspiration that flow to us especially when we can calm our mind and be still and receptive.

We get inspiration through air element when we calm our mind through meditation and connect with our right brain. We use breath techniques to calm and cleanse our mind. We tap into our receptive nature and let the images flow with an open mind. We let the wings of imagination take us into journey into hidden worlds of wonder. Feel air! Be inspired! Let yourself go on a flight of imagination!




To be passionate-to kindle creative fires

Fire is the substance that gives us heat and power. Power of fire is outgoing, expressive, flames of passion and warmth. It can be both transformative and destructive. Fire gives us life, with the the sun making life possible on earth. With the use of fire we have been able to grow and develop as a species using tools to hunt and warm and cook food. We have to respect fire and use it with wisdom and humility. The fire element is connected to creativity, passion, heat, energy, power, light, force, kundalini awakening and enlightenment.

We tap into our passionate fires through self-healing and empowerment, using our creative side and movement through dance, body-movement, singing, creating. We tap into our shamanic-center above the solar-plexus and reclaim our god given abilities and power. Use your force! Be powerful! Ignite your creative flame!




To be in flow with emotions-to feel deeper

Water is the sacred fluid that keeps us alive on this planet. Water is soft and gentle embracing the lands with its bountiful ocean, flowing in mystical union and harmony with the tides and the rhythm of the moon, connecting deeply to female mysteries and emotions. Water is mystical, our life giving fluid, encompassing 70% of human body. Without water there would be no life on this planet. Water is ever changing, flowing, never static, always on the move, adapting to the energy surrounding it, taking form and molding stones and finding new pathways. Water changes its crystalline energy and crystal form mirroring thought-forms, energy and light, ever adapting in synchrony with its environment. Water is connected to our emotions, ever changing and flowing like the water, molding us like the river molding its riverbanks and paths.

We flow with our emotions in harmony when we heal and work through our emotions. When we allow ourselves to feel deeper, not bury our emotions and feelings, but to really feel them and heal them. Everything that comes up is clearing away. We need to heal the past and dissolve our blocks. Then water element in us can move past the block and find a new path ahead, moving us into new direction. Flow with the emotions! Feel deeply! Dive into your mysteries! Flow through blocks! Liberate yourself!


So lets flow with the elements, not feeling so separate from our inner nature and be a part of the amazing forces that we see outside of us. The power is also within us! Lets embrace them and of course not forget the 5th element, the ether or the Spirit that is within everything.


With love and light***

Solveig Katrin