Walk your path-BE CREATIVE




Do you want to be more creative? Happier? More giving and loving?
Here are some suggestion to follow on the creative path

1. Find your own unique passion, everybody has something that makes their heart beat faster, their soul dance and express that, its your path.

2. Find a moment everyday to be silent, observant, and just be. There is too much doing and not enough being. We need to be in order to shine our core and to get in touch with our intuition.

3. Connect to nature regularly. Nature´s rhythm is more in tune with our own biorhythm and we need to reconnect to refill our own inner Nature and Harmony. Nature is in HARMONY and you need that too.

4. Release the old to let the new in. There is a quote saying you can´t pour anything into a full cup of tea. Are you full? You need to empty it, so you can take in the new. New ideas, new growth, new life, lets pour it in!

5. Surrender what is and let synchronicity guide you on your path. When you stop trying so hard and push endlessly you surrender the situation to the Universe and you start to trust WHAT IS. You start to listen to the inner voice, the voice of your heart that when silent speaks to you. You start to notice the synchronicity, the symbols around you that like silent guidance system shows you the solution and your path.

6. Be Creative! We are all born creative, we have unlimited potentials within us. If we believe that we have the seed of an acorn within us that when put in a proper soil can grow into a mighty Oak Tree, we would nurture it. So believe in your creativity and passion and nurture it and start to make it grow into your life. Become the mighty Oak you are meant to be. When you nurture your creativity your own unique individuality and spark begins to glow.

7. Open your heart. When you connect to your heart and nurture your loved ones in an unconditional loving way you open your heart. When we open our hearts we need to forgive and heal our wounds and that is one of the greatest lesson in life. It is not an easy task but its worth it. Wounded and healed hearts have more depth to them. They can feel deep empathy to one another and give more. So go deeper, and heal deeper. When we can grow from our wounds we embrace all who we are and are able to become authentic beings, loving and lovable.

8. Be Authentic. Be yourself, not be concerned what other people think or do. You have your own unique path and individuality. You are not here to mimic others or be like your neighbor or friend. You are so Unique, nobody like you have been born before or about to be born in thousand years. This is your time! Your expression! Your life! So live it fully as you, an expression your soul, your passion and walk your Path with integrity and authenticity.

So be open, listen, watch, heal, love, nurture, create, be yourself and walk your path.

Love and light



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