Shamanism is calling us, a path of unity with Mother Earth and Spirit and it helps to ground spirituality into our daily life.

We are part of Mother Earth we are inhabitant on this beautiful planet earth and she is our mother. We have gone too far away from her and her rhythms. She is calling us, she needs our care and we need her care. I answered that call and I dived into shamanism and have been learning more by tuning in, listen and remember.

Shamanism is a helpful path of grounding, cleansing and healing and finding your act of power, your soulful path on this planet. Shamanism is not only Northern American Indian way of living it is Universal language from Mother Earth, it was as alive here in Iceland in the past as in other European countries. Icelandic shaman woman were called völva and they were magical visionaries and singers who practice seidr to transform and awaken wisdom.

In truth shamanism is a way of the seer, the intuitive, the magical being that is a part of the creation web of all life. It is a way of being One within, trusting yourself and letting earth and her mysteries guide you on your journey. You are never alone, you can awaken the spirit allies, work with them, the seasons, the cycles of the moon, in ceremonies and rituals and then you are co-creating with life-force itself. You are that magnificent Creator Being. It is that simple. We all have the capacities to become powerful and authentic beings. Be sure to let the heart guide you and do it for the highest good of all beings.