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The divine feminine


The theme of the divine feminine keeps appearing in my paintings these days. I feel how the presence of the Great Mother is ever flowing through the paints when I surrender and let her be my guide. It is a calming experience and a feeling of total trust. She is the Great Creatrix here on this planet, where the elements swirl together, chaos and balance mix into Oneness in an ever flowing dance in the web of life. I feel how the elements in this painting are mixed together creating ocean of energy waiting to be used to create new life, healing, flowers and trees, greens and oranges, gifts from the womb of creation, filling up our senses.

“Let the new in my live grow into beautiful blossoming path. Let the beauty way be my guide and may my heart beat the drum of love emanating loving vibrations around the world, touching all.”

With peace and love

Solveig Katrin

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Embrace all that you are

valkyrjaEmbrace all that you are, come forth with your winged ones, your spirit helpers and allies and awaken the wisdom and strength within. Call upon your guides as you are never alone. You are always protected and safe. Take flight dear one to your innermost dreams and passions, let it be your guiding light into your shining path. Let the path descent upon you as you follow your dreams and become all that you are. You deserve to let your light shine and become the brightest Star that you are meant to be. Grow and glow into your potential and everything will be taken care of. Trust that you are guided, guided by your silent soft voice of your inner knowing and your inner joy. Follow your joy, your passion as you are meant to emanate joyousness in your life. Experience positive vibrations and see how it spreads and energizes everyone around you. Spiral into a new state of being, move into the higher dimensions and become the Co-Creator in your life.

With blessings and love



Abundance- Enjoying little things in life

2-DSCN7137Abundance flows in different ways, it is not all about having enough money, but enjoying and celebrating little things in life. There are so many things we can enjoy in life that are for free. We can bask our senses in beauty and pleasures and we can fill up our world with colors, patterns, smells and touch that heighten our senses and give us sense of thankfulness and aliveness. In these moments our vibration rises and we truly feel blessed. We start to open  up to receive good in our lives and then the Universe aspire to give us even more. These are the moments when we become the co-creators with the life-force energies. In these heightened moments we surrender to the Now and become filled with positive feelings. When we begin to experience and notice these little blessings in life more positive experiences begin to flow to us. This is the starting point for more and more abundance to flow into our life.

May blessings and abundance flow to you and remember to smell the roses***

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Solveig Katrin




Flowing abundance exercise


I always gain inspiration from nature both for my art and ideas. Now I feel the call of the waterfall!  I’m  in awe how its power cascades abundantly, ever flowing, endlessly for eons and times yet to come.

Abundance is everywhere in nature, effortlessly showing its energy through the cycles of life. It moves through the seasons, with its ebb and flow sometimes extrovert and blossoming and other times dwelling within, hidden and silent. But the waterfall flows with the river through all the seasons, always strong, vibrant and powerful.

I want to merge with the waterfall, surrender to its flow, not swimming against the current, but become one with its waters and flow with the river into the powerful ocean of abundance.

I remember when in workshop in Andean shamanism we were supposed to meditate by the river and take in the river´s energy, connecting with it through sacred reciprocity or Ayni. It felt powerful to sit still and with intention and focus merge my energy with the river through my breath and feeling of expansion. When I felt I connected I waited for the river to respond back so I felt its energy move through me.

That was purely magical and powerful. That is sacred connection that is so close but unfortunately we have so often lost. I want to share an abundance exercise to reclaim our connection. Everyone can do this exercise and if we want to connect with abundance we can easily do so with practicing Ayni in nature. Here are simple but powerful steps;



  •  Connect with an element in nature that feels abundant to you, it can be a river, a waterfall, a flower or a tree for example and make yourself comfortable close to it.
  • Empty your mind and let your thoughts flow down to Mother Earth, use your breath to help you connect and cleanse.
  • Be aware of the heart energy within you and connect with it through your intention and breath.  When you breathe in you take in light and when you breathe out imagine you are expanding your energy or your light.
  • Expansion. Imagine you are bowl of light that is slowly expanding and you are letting yourself go and you are opening yourself up in a safe way. Breath your heart energy to the element. You slowly feel the expansion and when that happens you can also feel you are the element you are connecting with.
  • Feel the element within you, feel as if you are it! Feel and imagine how it moves through you. You and it are ONE.
  • When you feel the element within you, you have made a connection, and you can wait for a response or a gift it has for you. Be silent and notice, just feeling and being one with it.
  • Take in the abundance that it has for you, breath it in and feel it on a deep level. Connect with the effortless feeling of growth that does not need to push or make an effort to be. It just is!
  • Imagine how the abundance moves through you effortlessly. It is a part of you. Merge and flow with it! Stay with this feeling as long as you wish.
  • When the time is right you silently thank the element you connected with and slowly come back, reduce your energy to normal.
  • Ground yourself, feel your roots and be thankful for the beautiful exchange of energy.

Know that you are worthy of abundance and it can easily flow to you just like the river´s current. The more you connect with its energy the more you can tap into it and feel it within.

Feel the river flowing, not outside you but within you
Feel the fire and heat, not outside you but within you
Feel the flow of air and freedom, not outside you but within you
Feel the earth, not below you but within you
Feel the Spirit, all-embracing

Love and light