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Embracing the WILD within-Being in tune with NATURE

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Embracing the Wild Within-Being in tune with Nature

What is the wildness of your soul?  Civilization has left us become like a flock of sheep we have forgotten our wildness and our connection to Nature. We are out of tune, disconnected to the rhythms of Nature, lost in our own mind or minds of others through TV, games and other distractions.

So what can we do to tune in, connect and reclaim our wildness? What do I mean by wildness? Our wildness is unlimited power and intuition to follow our instincts, make healthy boundaries, break free from limited and challenging situations, and become the Creators in our lives. We are in tune with our Inner Nature through our intuition and we also move in tune with Nature. Together intuition guides us through synchronicity and an inner knowing through symbols in nature and life.

Nature is the Greatest Teacher. It shows in- breath and out-breath of energy through its moon cycles and natural changes in different seasons and the duality of life through day and night.  When we tune into it, and trust its guidance we will get signs from Nature. When you start to Be Aware in Nature it starts to speak to you; from looking at the clouds, finding feather or a stone, looking at the lake, seeing special bird or animal passing by. It language opens up, your wildness awakes and your inner Nature feels the connection to Nature and you Become One, Connected.

Everything has a meaning to it and when you start to notice you are tuning into communication with Nature. The indigenous people of this planet apply this wisdom in their lives. They have never lost this connection, they know. They know that Nature is Alive vibrant with energy and life-force and they connect to it through ceremonies, guidance and daily life. They connect to the Elements of Creation and use it as Co-Creators in Life. They breath in “fire” energy when they need courage, they tune into the “water” when they need cleansing of soul and mind. They breathe inspiration through “air” and they ground through “earth” connection. They know we have these elements within us and we can use it wisely to help us gain balance. They tune into nature and get its wisdom through its symbolic language.

I am grateful for being born in a Country where wildness of Nature is left untouched. I am grateful for living close to Nature for tuning in. Iceland is raw and wild and it is sometimes difficult country to live in, very dark during the winter and very bright during summer. I have started to tune more into its rhythms, loving the dark winters, feeling like a bear hibernating in cave. It is a time to dive within and love being the introvert and I can give myself a lot of alone time to contemplate and meditate. In spring everything wakes up, it is time to nurture the “dream seed” of my life, and think about what I need to plant in my life. What dream do I need to nurture? It is the perfect time to wake up to life, like nature waking slowly after winter’s stillness. In summer the time is to rejuvenate and take in summer´s energy, take in the sun, the fire, openness and blossom. In autumn it is a season of harvest and release. I give thanks for the plenty and I release the old like the trees and walk brave into the next season. I am ready to dive within. I also try to initiate new things on a new or waxing moon then there is auspicious time for new beginnings, the powerful energy of the moon is waxing, like the seed you have planted. I like to release and heal on a waning moon when the energies are withdrawing. This is examples how we can apply nature wisdom and rhythms into our lives and let it work its magic through us.

When we connect to nature on a deep level it Heals you, it gives you Energy and you start to Trust. We feel not so out of tune, we are embraced by nature and we feel connected again. There we can start to heal our lives! Wake up! Realize we are a lion not a sheep! We are unique! We have unique gifts! We listen to our intuition! We start to walk our path!


Here we are, more connected, more alive, more in tune. As we walk our Path we start to act on our intuition and therefore start to be the Creator we are meant to become. We take action; we move on, we follow that hunch. We stop being like string puppet in life, powerless, aimless, as a leaf in the wind. No we make our stance and grow into our purpose unfolding like a flower with our own special fragrance. Become who you are meant to be, wild like a flower!

“Just be yourself, utterly yourself. And don’t be bothered about what kind of flower you turn out to be. It does not matter whether you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold. What matters is flowering” OSHO


With love and light