Reflections on the power of NOW

Reflections on the power of NOW

Today I am back home after I did a ritual in the woods with dear friends. I released all the heavy energies that have accumulated within me and I celebrated the light within and without. I feel lighter and blessed. The fire is transformative.
I made a commitment to walk my path, follow my heart into my purpose and be true to myself. Recently I have felt how easily I can be put out of balance thinking and worrying about the future, money, work etc. easily forgetting what I have “now” and enjoy the blessings in my life. Therefore I have set an intention to do my best to be in the “Now” and move towards more light and joy in life.
I want to reflect and free flow with words about the “Now”.

I am NOW, I exist NOW and I am living NOW. I am not yesterday or tomorrow because that is in my thoughts, not existing here. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, today is my life. My thoughts are like wild horses, moving fast and ahead of me, not enjoying the moment, I have to tame my mind horse so it can be still and take in the beauty here and now. When I am in the moment everything is still and there is pure bliss and consciousness. Here I can experience being-ness of my soul, like I have found a harmony within, magically connected.
In the “NOW” I tune into my intuition, my soul´s inner guidance system that leads me to the right decisions and where creativity lives. I follow my hunch and ideas and they guide me exactly where I am meant to be. So I am always tuned in and growing towards my purpose.

In the “NOW” I feel how grateful I am having a roof over my head, food that nourishes, hands that paint, boys to feed, love to give, money to buy, things to enjoy, family to love… I appreciate all the gifts life has granted me. Everything that I have gone through has strengthen who I am and made me into the person that I am today. Every lesson is a gift and learning experience.

I am going to cultivate thankfulness, being grateful for every day, every gift, every NOW, every person I encounter. It is precious, so precious, thank you, thank you, thank you…

Lets celebrate being “NOW”! We are enjoying the ride on the way! Not waiting for tomorrow, or when this or that happens! We are in perfect place at this moment, taking in the lessons we need so we can learn and keep growing into who we are meant to become! Taking a short detour does not help us!
In the NOW we are moving perfectly into our future enfolding into our power. So come and join me in acknowledging the power of the NOW and of gratefulness and as the painting depicts “rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the old and be reborn into your power and purpose”. We become powerful in the being-ness of fully embracing who we are in the “NOW”. And being grateful attracts more blessings into our precious “Now”.

Love and light