Finding your path

Wash away the old-Be courageous to follow the new!

Water Woman-Collage
Water Woman-Collage

The water element has been around me now, cleansing, washing, healing. It is both raining outside and inside. My intuition tells me to get my watercolors and paint, get wet, soak, wash away. Get my feelings out and be cleansed. I need to clean out the old so the new can enter. Use soul art medicine, that’s my healing!

I have applied the fire recently, both in ceremony and burning old notes, old diaries, old sketches. I even got symbols and synchronicity when driving in the traffic the other day. A car with the number 999 drove suddenly before me and had a washing liquid advertisement on it that spelled “Finish”. Just in my face, it said; wash away, clear away, finish it up! The universe had spoken! Go girl! The tides are turning, wake up and close that door! Begin anew, and suddenly I realize that 999 turns into new beginning 111. I got it. I say yes to the new and I embrace my calling and my cleansing. Not sure what the road looks like in long turn, and where its path will take me. Nevertheless I can take one step at time and I know I will be guided. The only thing I have to do is to Tune In and Listen. Listen to my heart and intuition, the synchronicity; my passion and my dream.

It takes courage to leave the old comforting cycle, that is predictable and safe. It is uncertain to move and shake things up, fear comes up, doubt, insecurity. What if ?

Yes it takes breath of courage to leave the secure road in life. But once we step into the unknown something magical happens! If we trust and follow through. The archetype of the Fool rushes forward with childlike excitement, fully trusting that he will be taken care of. He walks off the cliff and a magical path appears. What he beliefs becomes his truth. He follows his heart and doors open by magic! Will that happen to us? Can we trust that?

Lets look at Courage. The word courage derives from the Latin root cor, which means heart, so to be courageous is to live with the heart.

I am inspired by what Osho wrote in his book; Courage – The joy of living dangerously. I highly recommend that book.

“The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown. It is leaving the past and allowing the future to be. Courage is to move on dangerous paths. Life is dangerous, and only cowards can avoid the danger but then, they are already dead. A person who is alive, really alive, vitally alive, will always move into the unknown. There is danger there, but he will take the risk. The heart is always ready to take the risk, the heart is a gambler. The head is businessman. The head always calculates, it is cunning. The heart is non calculating.”

This is truly inspiring. Just listen to your heart, live a little dangerously, move out of the comfort zone.  We do not have to always know the next step. And of course change does not have to be drastic although it often does, when the universe really pushes our buttons and wakes us after deep slumber. But sometimes we need a wake up call!

I am going to follow this wisdom, face the fears inside and embrace the unknown and my heart wisdom. I am ready to die the old and be reborn into my power. Whatever that means, little death or small death, shedding of the old. I do not know exactly but that is a shaman´s passage of transformation. I am soon graduating as a shamanic practitioner and healer after four years of intense transformation. I am still peeling the layers of the old. Transmutation. I will continue moving through cycles of transformation, still learning every day of this earth walk, humble, I will keep on dreaming, healing, shedding the old, never really graduating life´s school but I promise myself I will walk my authentic path and let my heart be my guiding light.

Hope we can all move into our power and passion and follow our hearts.

Blessed Be




Finding your path

Grow into your passion

Grow into your passion

Let your passion be the igniting force for change- Soul Art Medicine
Art Work- Solveig

Stand in your power! Be strong like a tree with roots going deep into Mother Earth and grow your branches high up to Father Sky. There you can grow your unique fruits, your gifts to this world. You are grounded yet growing free in every direction, standing strong and connected, always growing and rising higher, following your path. When we stand in our power we gain strength like the tree with every year circle piling up making its trunk thicker. This we can do with following our intuition, our heart and take practical steps realizing our dreams. When we are authentic expressions or who we are, we express our core and from there we grow.
From my own unique blueprint I become the tree I am meant to be. What kind of tree are you? Try to paint your own tree! Are you grounded? What season is it? You can look deeper within by looking at yourself from different perspective.
Love and light


Walk your path-BE CREATIVE




Do you want to be more creative? Happier? More giving and loving?
Here are some suggestion to follow on the creative path

1. Find your own unique passion, everybody has something that makes their heart beat faster, their soul dance and express that, its your path.

2. Find a moment everyday to be silent, observant, and just be. There is too much doing and not enough being. We need to be in order to shine our core and to get in touch with our intuition.

3. Connect to nature regularly. Nature´s rhythm is more in tune with our own biorhythm and we need to reconnect to refill our own inner Nature and Harmony. Nature is in HARMONY and you need that too.

4. Release the old to let the new in. There is a quote saying you can´t pour anything into a full cup of tea. Are you full? You need to empty it, so you can take in the new. New ideas, new growth, new life, lets pour it in!

5. Surrender what is and let synchronicity guide you on your path. When you stop trying so hard and push endlessly you surrender the situation to the Universe and you start to trust WHAT IS. You start to listen to the inner voice, the voice of your heart that when silent speaks to you. You start to notice the synchronicity, the symbols around you that like silent guidance system shows you the solution and your path.

6. Be Creative! We are all born creative, we have unlimited potentials within us. If we believe that we have the seed of an acorn within us that when put in a proper soil can grow into a mighty Oak Tree, we would nurture it. So believe in your creativity and passion and nurture it and start to make it grow into your life. Become the mighty Oak you are meant to be. When you nurture your creativity your own unique individuality and spark begins to glow.

7. Open your heart. When you connect to your heart and nurture your loved ones in an unconditional loving way you open your heart. When we open our hearts we need to forgive and heal our wounds and that is one of the greatest lesson in life. It is not an easy task but its worth it. Wounded and healed hearts have more depth to them. They can feel deep empathy to one another and give more. So go deeper, and heal deeper. When we can grow from our wounds we embrace all who we are and are able to become authentic beings, loving and lovable.

8. Be Authentic. Be yourself, not be concerned what other people think or do. You have your own unique path and individuality. You are not here to mimic others or be like your neighbor or friend. You are so Unique, nobody like you have been born before or about to be born in thousand years. This is your time! Your expression! Your life! So live it fully as you, an expression your soul, your passion and walk your Path with integrity and authenticity.

So be open, listen, watch, heal, love, nurture, create, be yourself and walk your path.

Love and light