The Elements of Creation


The elements are all around us and within us, therefore very important in finding harmony and balance within. Our goal is to unite and work in balance with these forces both within and outside of us. Excessively use of one element or the other can be destructive and take us out of balance.

Mother Earth has her forces of creation always working its magic throughout time and history. In harmony they dance in balance creating healthy web of life around our planet.

Its not by any change that they are called the creative forces as they are powerful energies that can both destroy and create. Together they build and sustain our life on our beautiful planet and without them no life could thrive.

These are magical forces, our building blocks, with Spirit permeating all around, creating the alchemy of life and growth. Within we can learn from our Earth Mother and learn to use these elements gaining balance and power.

In the stories of the past the alchemists worked with the elements to change lead into gold. The metaphor in these stories are true, we can truly grow and find the gold within using the magic of the elements in harmony.




To be grounded-to manifest into form

Earth is our stable ground, our security in matter, our Earth Mother that feeds us, sustains us, gives us shelter. Here we come to grow and our Spirit embodies and walks our path. Matter is tangible we can move our ideas and dreams into form and earth holds that form. It becomes manifested into matter. Our body holds earth, our bones and skin and we sustain our body with food. Earth is the cup that holds the water and it flows through its veins to the sea. Earth gives fire wood so it can be sustained and kept alive. We need to be grounded to use our abilities properly, so we can grow like a tree and blossom and share our gifts to the world.

We ground when we connect to nature, when we connect to our body and listen to it. We ground ourselves when we nurture our body with good nourishment and when we touch our loved ones and when we pamper our body through massage or body treatment. We can ground our energies with focused intention in meditation and vision journey. Feel earth! Be that tree! Touch your ground! Manifest that dream! Make it happen!




To be inspired-to flow with imagination

Air is the blowing wind around us sometimes whispering soft melodies, but often stormy and swift. It is ever changing like the thoughts in our minds and ideas that flow to us. Here we connect to our life giving substance the oxygen, our breath of life. We need air to stay alive, our lungs holds the air and we need air to keep the fire alive. To connect to air is to connect to the wind and let it cleanse our thoughts. Our thoughts can be calm like a lake or it can be chaotic like a storm. The air element is connected to imagination and inspiration that flow to us especially when we can calm our mind and be still and receptive.

We get inspiration through air element when we calm our mind through meditation and connect with our right brain. We use breath techniques to calm and cleanse our mind. We tap into our receptive nature and let the images flow with an open mind. We let the wings of imagination take us into journey into hidden worlds of wonder. Feel air! Be inspired! Let yourself go on a flight of imagination!





To be passionate-to kindle creative fires

Fire is the substance that gives us heat and power. Power of fire is outgoing, expressive, flames of passion and warmth. It can be both transformative and destructive. Fire gives us life, with the the sun making life possible on earth. With the use of fire we have been able to grow and develop as a species using tools to hunt and warm and cook food. We have to respect fire and use it with wisdom and humility. The fire element is connected to creativity, passion, heat, energy, power, light, force, kundalini awakening and enlightenment.

We tap into our passionate fires through self-healing and empowerment, using our creative side and movement through dance, body-movement, singing, creating. We tap into our shamanic-center above the solar-plexus and reclaim our god given abilities and power. Use your force! Be powerful! Ignite your creative flame!



sólveig vatnsgyðja


To be in flow with emotions-to feel deeper

Water is the sacred fluid that keeps us alive on this planet. Water is soft and gentle embracing the lands with its bountiful ocean, flowing in mystical union and harmony with the tides and the rhythm of the moon, connecting deeply to female mysteries and emotions. Water is mystical, our life giving fluid, encompassing 70% of human body. Without water there would be no life on this planet. Water is ever changing, flowing, never static, always on the move, adapting to the energy surrounding it, taking form and molding stones and finding new pathways. Water changes its crystalline energy and crystal form mirroring thoughtforms, energy and light, ever adapting in synchrony with its environment. Water is connected to our emotions, ever changing and flowing like the water, molding us like the river molding its riverbanks and paths.

We flow with our emotions in harmony when we heal and work through our emotions. When we allow ourselves to feel deeper, not bury our emotions and feelings, but to really feel them and heal them. Everything that comes up is clearing away. We need to heal the past and dissolve our blocks. Then water element in us can move past the block and find a new path ahead, moving us into new direction. Flow with the emotions! Feel deeply! Dive into your mysteries! Flow through blocks! Liberate yourself!


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Entering the gateway


Nature is my teacher and inspiration. It can become a gateway to deeper wisdom and teachings if we just allow it to speak to us. I had the privilege to experience this communion with nature when I went to visit beautiful beaches in Snæfellsnes in Iceland. It is a very special place with high energy vibrations. I have often visited these places but this special afternoon in October something special showed itself in the cliff rocks by the beach and how light played with its formations.

hellnar photo

I felt the sacredness of this place and the wisdom it holds in its rocks that have stand the test of time for eons, always still and observing, being formed by the elements and the ocean. I saw the old wise ones in the rocks and it felt like they were an ancient record keepers of sacred wisdom. I felt in awe how beautiful and sacred our earth mother is and how we can perceive her light and wisdom if we just observe and take in the beauty and stand still with the land.

I had to paint this sanctuary and it is a soul art medicine to to be able to take that energy into the paintings and stay with it and let the colors guide me forward.

Much love and blessings


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The Wild Divine: Descent into the underworld

The descent into the underworld
The descent into the underworld

The Wild Divine: A story

Sol is an apprentice in shamanism and is on her way into wholeness and finding her act of power.

Sol is not quite content with her life situation and wanted to find some answers. One night after solitude in the wilderness she had a dream and met goddess in a throne with two lions, this dream was preceding a descent into the underworld where the goddess Inanna had come to her and wanted her to descent into her darkness, facing her vulnerability and shadow. It would be a difficult task that would change Sol´s life.

Later when Sol went into her dream journey she was in ancient grounds, she felt it was in Mexico and saw ancient pyramid temples. She went there with her power animal, the swan. When Sol was walking along a river bank a lion attacked and killed her. Sol in her soul’s awareness wasn’t scared when facing this challenge as she knew it was a test and initiation to move more fully into her power. She didn´t know that Inanna sent one of her lions to attack Sol. It was the beginning of Sol´s descent into the underworld. Soon an eagle flew and took her body and flew with it on the highest point on the pyramid temple. There a black jaguar came and licked her body with new life-force and her body healed and restored back to life. The jaguar came to Sol as her power ally; there was a meeting of kindred souls from an ancient previous lifetime of power and wisdom. Sol was set to reclaim her power to become a Rainbow Warrior of light.

After the dream her life slowly became a challenge. In her job she was suddenly facing power struggle of the old patriarchy against new female professions. She was facing dullness in her relationship with her partner, and she felt chaos within how to represent her gifts into the world. Sol felt her life was about to change and needed to cleanse and heal and release her old way of living to move more fully into her life purpose and power. She had many tests in life, power was testing her, was she going to give her power away and be led astray or was she going to face the challenges, the uncomfortable circumstances and be reborn?

Sol felt she was moving into her core and underneath all the challenges were her own issues mirroring back to her. She surrendered like she did in the dream and let all the emotions well up inside. She soon went into a dream state. She felt she met Inanna which led her down under to meet her dark sister. Her sister appeared as a black jaguar, Sol´s power animal. Sol saw images appear in her eyes. She saw her own reflection, her shadow, she was scared, and it was monstrous images floating around. Crazy dark woman with skeletons in her eyes was dancing crazy and naked around her. She talked to her, “ I am your dark sister, your other half. I lure you into craziness and I seduce you into depressive state where I eat all your power and life-force. I feed of you; I feed of your ego, your laziness, your jealousy, your hate and stubbornness. I scream at you, I dance the wicked dance of Death Mother”. Sol became numb and almost felt she was dying, but remembered to honor the Death Mother and lit a candle and blew in her direction. Soon the image faded and soon another woman appeared. She had hair in all direction, had wicked, crazy eyes that stared and danced at the same time. She wore torn dress and her breasts stuck out all covered in mud. She started to dance around and Sol was entranced into a dream state by looking at this mad woman. “ I am the crazy one, I take you into your own madness, where you can stare at the moon like a lunatic, I hush and dance and take you away. I feed of your ego, your fear, your vulnerability your shame; I take you into your madness. Sol felt her negative feelings taking over and she wanted to throw herself out of the window to get rid of them. Sol´s power animal, the jaguar licked her face and soon she remembered to move into the circle and honor the feelings of the Crazy Woman and breath through this. She aligned herself in the center. In the center she felt soon calm and peace took over her body. She was ready for the next challenge.

She fell into another dream and dreamt her male counterpart in the likeness of her father. She looked at him and felt love but weakness in the body; she felt her male site was wounded and sick. Her father spoke to her. “Dear one you need to honor and remember your male shield, you need to take your stance and take back your power. Sol awoke startled and started to think about how dull she felt in her relationship and how it was mirroring back to her, her own numbness in relation to her male energies. She felt tired, wanted support and felt her Spirit Mate close to her, she called her Spirit Mate and help from the goddesses to restore her energies and wisdom to gain balance. She felt a powerful presence, her Spirit Mate came to her and she felt his love. “Call on me and I´ll be here, I am here to help you manifest your gifts in this world, I am your arrow and you are my bow, together we stalk and take into being the gifts from Great Spirit. Remember your dreams as they are your sacred pathways into your act of power. Remember you are a Dreamer and a listener to the heart, you are a Creator, build your sacred dream and use my energy as your brick walls to manifest them. She felt again the strength that she felt when in sacred ceremony they became One in a sacred marriage. How could she forget the feeling and the wholeness? She felt she needed to anchor his presence and her power animals, both the swan coming from her female shield and the jaguar coming from the male shield. She knew that to heal her weak male shield she needed to forgive many faces of the males that had hurt her in the past and as a collective who had wounded and suppressed the female powers for centuries. Sol felt she needed to regain her trust in the male energies in general. Sol decided to make a special ceremony to honor these teachings and to heal her wounds on a deep level.

Before the ceremony Sol had painted two shields for her male and female energies with the power animals on it. She put it in the center of a sacred circle with four stones holding the four directions. Sol called in all her powers and the Great Spirit, her Spirit Mate and Power animals. Her intention was to anchor and restore the balance between her male and female energies and regain her power. She let everything out, her hurt, anger and let The Great Mother eat of and transform these hurts. She honored her male part and she honored her female part. She felt their beautiful union within and she felt suddenly how energy started to move from the core of the earth as well as from high above and moved in her body like she was a pillar of light. She was ready to receive and her female part became a container for the divine Rainbow seed. The energy moved in like a powerful electric current. She felt how her cells began to vibrate in a faster mode and wake up. She felt physical en-light-en-ment in her whole being. Her heart filled with gratitude and love and she felt she was one with all there is. What a bliss, she wanted to be here forever!

Sol needed some time to anchor this light felt experience in the ceremony but felt somehow she had been reborn into her power. In her daily life she felt strong and balanced and could resolve conflicts easily and not be a part of other people’s drama. She listened to her heart and knew which direction to take in relationships and in work. Sol was full of trust and she moved magically into her dream life and she started to teach this wisdom to others. She wanted other people to find their own wholeness and creativity. Sol was on her path of mastery and became a Rainbow Warrior Goddess and a teacher of the old sacred ways. The Goddess Inanna guided Sol in her ways and she helped other people to dive into their shadow part and their male and female energies as a path to wholeness.



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The fiery Volcano within and without


In the highlands near our biggest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull, a volcano erupts in Holuhraun, since September 2. 2014. Our wild and beautiful Mother land lets her fire out and makes a way for the new, a new earth and the new lava makes a new landscape. It is beautiful to look from a safe place but dangerous to be near. The fire energy is both destructive yet building new land and lava on this sand plateau is perfect.

I love this fiery energy in my country, it awakens me and startles me because its energy and weather is always changing. My motherland´s creative powers are amazing and it influences me. Creativity is vibrant and alive, it is ever-changing and needs an outburst. How can we learn from our Mother? It is true when energy builds up it needs to find a way out. When emotional tensions is blogged we feel volatile and uncomfortable, therefore it is never good to block energy flow whether it is an emotion or magma that needs to burst out. Everything needs to flow, the river, the magma, our emotions, our bloodstream, as within so without. Energy needs to flow, nothing is good static, static is stale and stuck. So lets flow with our emotions, find an outlet, dance, move, paint, talk! Lets express ourselves and trust that everything is good! It is good when it is in flow and we know the situation always changes when balance is reached. Mother Earth seeks balance through these eruptions and we need too. The painting I did reminds me of the fiery volcano goddess the needs to release her tensions and creativity. She is volatile yet building new land and her creativity and powers are so vibrant and alive. She is truly creativity in action.

Iceland Volcano Lava Flow 04

Iceland Volcano Lava Flow 02

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Creativity as a Spiritual Practice


The creative Sun

By Solveig

We are all born creative. I am not more creative than you are. I have it activated! We have to activate our creativity.

Being creator is honoring that we have a part of creation within us, we are a part of the Creator. I see in the divine in me and I see the divine in you. I am divine! I am a fragment of God! I am a Creator. So we are Co-Creators with the Divine.

We have to listen and acknowledge that we are powerful and sometimes we are afraid of our own power.

Realizing this power within, we become creators  and we start to create our lives. We are not a puppet on a string. We have had many centuries of powerlessness, we have been powerless and felt power over but now we have to take our stance and become responsible for our lives and our creative abilities. We have to move into our power!

We are powerful! We are creators!



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A Healing Story: How Nature and Shamanism is making me whole

Earth Angel
Earth Angel

By Solveig

I am on my shamanic path weaving ancient wisdom into modern daily life. After taking the road less traveled, studying shamanism, life has taken me into adventures and healing especially deepening my relationship with Nature and  Creativity.

In the past I have been seeking wholeness since I remember, as my fellow earthlings, and from young age I felt a drive to seek answers in spirituality. I have tread many ways up the mountain, tried yoga, healing, nutrition, meditations and spiritual books and more, and it has helped me a lot, but somehow I was always dealing with the same issues, insecurity, self-doubt and sometimes dullness in life, missing the spark and magic.

However last four years has been a turning point for me as I have in shamanic studies been able to focus my intentions and dive deeper into my core and passion. I almost feel as if I have reclaimed my roots and therefore I have been able to grow up to Spirit. It feels wonderful. I remember how spirituality left me sometimes ungrounded and lofty, somewhere out there, wanting to be spirit not human. What am I doing on this earth, I questioned? I have had my challenges in life, lost my sister when I was 18 and father when I was 28 and I have had to work my way through grief and loss. Life is a school and learning experience and I am thankful for all the lessons I have learned so far. Now somehow life challenges are less dramatic and make less impact on me and I can easily become the watcher, just observing like I can soar above it like an eagle and not judge, just observe and be. It fills my being with such a freedom and it is beautiful. Shamanism has been able to ground me so I can fly. It encompasses totality of my being; I am body, spirit, emotions and thoughts, and from there it takes me around the sacred medicine wheel and spirals into the core. There I can sit connected, feeling centered and still. I don´t miss any part of my being-ness out there. I am totally myself, here within me, within the sacred circle of my being.

I feel I am becoming more like the mighty Yggrasill, the sacred Tree of Life from the mythology of Snorra-Edda the pagan Nordic Spirituality. I am growing into myself, into my core expanding and being whole with everything there is. I am more grounded with one foot in Spirit whilst the other rests in daily life, this is a way of the balanced person who can be centered and connected to both dimensions of life.

Nature has become my teacher.  I have moved closer to Mother Earth as I have reclaimed her as my mother. I have longed for her and missed the deep connection that I know in my DNA, my ancestors had. There is so wide gap in todays society between man and nature. Healing that gap has healed me. I can go to Mother Nature to cleanse and rejuvenate, and she can easily cleanse all the heavy energy that has accumulated within me. She gives me strength when I climb her mountains, she gives me flexibility when observing her strong plants that adjust to the environment, she gives me feeling of surrender when I float in her waters, and she gives me growth and strength when meditating with her mighty trees. These are just few examples how Nature has taught me.

I have also begun to flow through the seasons with her. Move with her rhythms, and followed her energies. When I do that everything is easier, I don´t have to push the flower to bloom, I have to wait for the right timing. I am a part of her, and we are her children. If I ask for signs I just have to be still and listen.

Diving into shamanism has truly enriched my life and I feel more grounded and secure in my being, I feel the gap between Mother Earth and me is healing and as her child I am growing into being the Co-Creator that I am meant to become. I am still learning everyday, as growing into wholeness is a mighty tasks, many roads can lead me off track, but with intention, focus and open heart, I walk my path as a warrior of light.

I am so thankful for this connection and I feel the connection deepens everyday. This is my healing story. Gratitude and Blessings



Flowing abundance exercise


I always gain inspiration from nature both for my art and ideas. Now I feel the call of the waterfall!  I’m  in awe how its power cascades abundantly, ever flowing, endlessly for eons and times yet to come.

Abundance is everywhere in nature, effortlessly showing its energy through the cycles of life. It moves through the seasons, with its ebb and flow sometimes extrovert and blossoming and other times dwelling within, hidden and silent. But the waterfall flows with the river through all the seasons, always strong, vibrant and powerful.

I want to merge with the waterfall, surrender to its flow, not swimming against the current, but become one with its waters and flow with the river into the powerful ocean of abundance.

I remember when in workshop in Andean shamanism we were supposed to meditate by the river and take in the river´s energy, connecting with it through sacred reciprocity or Ayni. It felt powerful to sit still and with intention and focus merge my energy with the river through my breath and feeling of expansion. When I felt I connected I waited for the river to respond back so I felt its energy move through me.

That was purely magical and powerful. That is sacred connection that is so close but unfortunately we have so often lost. I want to share an abundance exercise to reclaim our connection. Everyone can do this exercise and if we want to connect with abundance we can easily do so with practicing Ayni in nature. Here are simple but powerful steps;



  •  Connect with an element in nature that feels abundant to you, it can be a river, a waterfall, a flower or a tree for example and make yourself comfortable close to it.
  • Empty your mind and let your thoughts flow down to Mother Earth, use your breath to help you connect and cleanse.
  • Be aware of the heart energy within you and connect with it through your intention and breath.  When you breathe in you take in light and when you breathe out imagine you are expanding your energy or your light.
  • Expansion. Imagine you are bowl of light that is slowly expanding and you are letting yourself go and you are opening yourself up in a safe way. Breath your heart energy to the element. You slowly feel the expansion and when that happens you can also feel you are the element you are connecting with.
  • Feel the element within you, feel as if you are it! Feel and imagine how it moves through you. You and it are ONE.
  • When you feel the element within you, you have made a connection, and you can wait for a response or a gift it has for you. Be silent and notice, just feeling and being one with it.
  • Take in the abundance that it has for you, breath it in and feel it on a deep level. Connect with the effortless feeling of growth that does not need to push or make an effort to be. It just is!
  • Imagine how the abundance moves through you effortlessly. It is a part of you. Merge and flow with it! Stay with this feeling as long as you wish.
  • When the time is right you silently thank the element you connected with and slowly come back, reduce your energy to normal.
  • Ground yourself, feel your roots and be thankful for the beautiful exchange of energy.

Know that you are worthy of abundance and it can easily flow to you just like the river´s current. The more you connect with its energy the more you can tap into it and feel it within.

Feel the river flowing, not outside you but within you
Feel the fire and heat, not outside you but within you
Feel the flow of air and freedom, not outside you but within you
Feel the earth, not below you but within you
Feel the Spirit, all-embracing

Love and light




Reflections on the power of NOW

Reflections on the power of NOW

Today I am back home after I did a ritual in the woods with dear friends. I released all the heavy energies that have accumulated within me and I celebrated the light within and without. I feel lighter and blessed. The fire is transformative.
I made a commitment to walk my path, follow my heart into my purpose and be true to myself. Recently I have felt how easily I can be put out of balance thinking and worrying about the future, money, work etc. easily forgetting what I have “now” and enjoy the blessings in my life. Therefore I have set an intention to do my best to be in the “Now” and move towards more light and joy in life.
I want to reflect and free flow with words about the “Now”.

I am NOW, I exist NOW and I am living NOW. I am not yesterday or tomorrow because that is in my thoughts, not existing here. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, today is my life. My thoughts are like wild horses, moving fast and ahead of me, not enjoying the moment, I have to tame my mind horse so it can be still and take in the beauty here and now. When I am in the moment everything is still and there is pure bliss and consciousness. Here I can experience being-ness of my soul, like I have found a harmony within, magically connected.
In the “NOW” I tune into my intuition, my soul´s inner guidance system that leads me to the right decisions and where creativity lives. I follow my hunch and ideas and they guide me exactly where I am meant to be. So I am always tuned in and growing towards my purpose.

In the “NOW” I feel how grateful I am having a roof over my head, food that nourishes, hands that paint, boys to feed, love to give, money to buy, things to enjoy, family to love… I appreciate all the gifts life has granted me. Everything that I have gone through has strengthen who I am and made me into the person that I am today. Every lesson is a gift and learning experience.

I am going to cultivate thankfulness, being grateful for every day, every gift, every NOW, every person I encounter. It is precious, so precious, thank you, thank you, thank you…

Lets celebrate being “NOW”! We are enjoying the ride on the way! Not waiting for tomorrow, or when this or that happens! We are in perfect place at this moment, taking in the lessons we need so we can learn and keep growing into who we are meant to become! Taking a short detour does not help us!
In the NOW we are moving perfectly into our future enfolding into our power. So come and join me in acknowledging the power of the NOW and of gratefulness and as the painting depicts “rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the old and be reborn into your power and purpose”. We become powerful in the being-ness of fully embracing who we are in the “NOW”. And being grateful attracts more blessings into our precious “Now”.

Love and light


Summer Solstice Ritual- Awakening to the light within

Solar Feminine

Last night I meditated with this image on my altar, surrendering to the energies of Summer Solstice, “the turning of the wheel” and thought about how our ancestors celebrated solstices with rituals and celebrations. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we experience peak of light energies flowing in and our brothers and sister in the Southern Hemisphere are having the longest night and now slowly moving towards the light. How can we apply these planetary changes and movement through these cycles into our lives?

When I look at this from above I see there is perfect harmony between light and darkness in our planet right now. And therefore auspicious time to work both with the light and dark within us. When we experience high Summer we feel energized and outgoing, it is a time of blossoming and exploring, being outside and enjoying ourselves. In the winter time it is time of introspection and drawing the energies within. We move deeper towards ourselves and rest more in our homes. These are natural tendencies but of course these depends on our situation and our life.

I always feel as I have been coming from the dark into the light during this time. I feel I can let go of things that no longer serve me and release stuck energies and emotions. I am going to make a bonfire tomorrow and do a ritual of both release and renew. Release and let go so I can let more light shine in. It is a time to embrace the new energies wether we are moving into summer or winter.

magical bonfire on the beach
I often do a death prayer arrow where I take a stick or a branch from nature which I can either paint or put ribbons on it that can represent something I am ready to release. Then I take another stick which is the life prayer arrow to represent my goals and dreams that I want to take with me into the next cycle. After lighting the bonfire, I wake up the energies around through drumming or singing and I start to build up energy. I do it my way awakening a sacred circle within the medicine wheel. Then I focus on the death prayer arrow and let it all flow into the stick to be released and burned in the fire. Sometimes it feels right to dance or walk counterclockwise around the fire until you feel the timing is right to release it. I let the transformative fire burn it in a symbolic act. After that I feel I am ready to let the light fill me and I can focus on my dreams and the life prayer arrow, silent sitting by the fire, putting more dream ribbons or feathers on it. The life prayer arrow comes home with me after the ritual, reminding me of where I am heading and is symbolic for my dreams. It becomes one of my power arrow that is directed towards my goals and visions.

We can start to become co-creators and start to make symbolic acts in our lives through rituals and tuning into the prevalent energies in nature.

Have a magical Solstice***