Ceremony of Spring

This Spring Goddess sprang forth on my canvas around spring equinox. It is always magical when spontaneous art expression ends in soulful encounter with the archetypes. She has a gift to give. 

Ceremony of Spring

Enter into your stillness like a seed in the womb of Mother Earth. Feel her rhythm beating with your heart. Send your roots to her core, send your love, gratitude and thankfulness for everything she bestows upon you. Enter stillness and wait until you receive back her love towards you. Let it bath you in your heart and simultaneously send your love and appreciation to Father Sky, the Creator the divine masculine. You send the energy up your root connecting to the galaxy the universal heart. You will then receive his blessings and love streaming down your channel connecting with Earth Mother energies in the heart. There they blend and unite, the mother earth and father sky in creative Oneness and union within you.

Look within find your dream seed, the hidden potential for your most joyous expression in this lifetime. Find the seed and connect with it. Hold a real seed in your hands and have a pot of juicy soil from mother earth in front of you. Blow your wish and dream, your vision into that dream seed you are holding and visualize and see it already come to fruition. You thank the universe for your gift and the manifestation that it will now take care of your dream, just exactly like it takes care of every seed put in the ground, with the right conditions. You put your seed in the soil and feel how effortless it is. How the seed just grows into its purpose. It just is being itself. If it is a sunflower seed it becomes sunflower seed, it fulfills its purpose by being supported by Mother Earth- Just like you. Feel the trust in the Universe, in Mother Earth. How everything is taken care of.

Take care of your pot of dreams and nurture it like mother earth does. The magic is within you. You are the Creator!

May all your dreams come to fruition. Follow your bliss and become who you are meant to become!


with love Solveig Katrin



Summer Solstice Ritual- Awakening to the light within

Solar Feminine

Last night I meditated with this image on my altar, surrendering to the energies of Summer Solstice, “the turning of the wheel” and thought about how our ancestors celebrated solstices with rituals and celebrations. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we experience peak of light energies flowing in and our brothers and sister in the Southern Hemisphere are having the longest night and now slowly moving towards the light. How can we apply these planetary changes and movement through these cycles into our lives?

When I look at this from above I see there is perfect harmony between light and darkness in our planet right now. And therefore auspicious time to work both with the light and dark within us. When we experience high Summer we feel energized and outgoing, it is a time of blossoming and exploring, being outside and enjoying ourselves. In the winter time it is time of introspection and drawing the energies within. We move deeper towards ourselves and rest more in our homes. These are natural tendencies but of course these depends on our situation and our life.

I always feel as I have been coming from the dark into the light during this time. I feel I can let go of things that no longer serve me and release stuck energies and emotions. I am going to make a bonfire tomorrow and do a ritual of both release and renew. Release and let go so I can let more light shine in. It is a time to embrace the new energies wether we are moving into summer or winter.

magical bonfire on the beach
I often do a death prayer arrow where I take a stick or a branch from nature which I can either paint or put ribbons on it that can represent something I am ready to release. Then I take another stick which is the life prayer arrow to represent my goals and dreams that I want to take with me into the next cycle. After lighting the bonfire, I wake up the energies around through drumming or singing and I start to build up energy. I do it my way awakening a sacred circle within the medicine wheel. Then I focus on the death prayer arrow and let it all flow into the stick to be released and burned in the fire. Sometimes it feels right to dance or walk counterclockwise around the fire until you feel the timing is right to release it. I let the transformative fire burn it in a symbolic act. After that I feel I am ready to let the light fill me and I can focus on my dreams and the life prayer arrow, silent sitting by the fire, putting more dream ribbons or feathers on it. The life prayer arrow comes home with me after the ritual, reminding me of where I am heading and is symbolic for my dreams. It becomes one of my power arrow that is directed towards my goals and visions.

We can start to become co-creators and start to make symbolic acts in our lives through rituals and tuning into the prevalent energies in nature.

Have a magical Solstice***