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Medicine Woman- Following my Path


Medicine Woman-Solveig

I am on my shamanic path, weaving ancient tapestry of wisdom into modern daily life, with one feet grounded on earth whilst the other is walking the Spirit Road. It is sometimes difficult limbo to find the middle road  and not getting lost in daily life and struggle or lost in Spirit, loosing earth connection. That is why I love the image and the symbolism of the tree to stay grounded while I grow into my spiritual path. Last four years I have been studying and applying shamanism into my life. Working with elements of nature, the medicine wheel, ritual, energy, healing and using power tools like drumming and also making my own sacred Art and Tools. It has been a journey of healing and exploration. It has taking me on a new path, diving deep into my own core, finding and facing my shadows, working with archetypes like the Wild Woman, Hermit and the Fool, facing my own fears and wildness, trusting my heart, starting to listen to my intuition and take the risk of fully embracing who I am. It takes courage to come forth of  the spiritual closet, being the “strange woman” and just let my own authentic voice be heard. It is The Hero´s Journey, to bask into the adventure of your own life, become the co-creator and risk being seen or perceived as ,,different”. It does not matter what other people think, the ego trying to hold you back while your soul is calling more light to your being. It is a path we need to take, we are born to become our soul´s blueprint not our false self ego identity. That is a path of the shaman to die the old self to be reborn to who you are meant to be. It takes courage. We stop to dance our “survival dance” and start to dance our “soul´s dance”. That is the path of the Medicine Woman and Man who listens deeply to her/ his soul, finds her/his power through wholeness and healing and starts to use her/his own medicine gifts to the world. First we need to become whole so wholeness can be given to others, through our gifts. It is a long journey and I hope my ongoing journey into wholeness can give some insight and help to others who are on the same path.

Love and light