Vibrational Art- Soul Art Medicine


When I paint I oftentimes start with an idea from my intuition or a feeling, which is not yet processed in my mind. I let the process begin and I trust it and I move into my heart and I let the painting itself emerge. This is how my art is most of the time intuitive expressive art, but at other times emotional release or a healing. It is my medicine and also has been my tool in my work as an art therapist for last 10 years. I love this process and it always reflects back to me its wisdom either coming from a client or myself. The art or expression has its own voice and it is always authentic and true.

With this painting, The Fire Deva,  I felt an urge to work with a tree´s energy and I felt it wanted to be orange and magenta. Slowly in the process a deva or spirit appeared out of it and got very energetic. I almost felt how it transformed into a fiery energy being yet somehow grounded. This is how my art process becomes a soul art medicine. I can feel how the energy changes and I can feel how my painting gets imbued with different energy like having a spirit on its own. It is by no coincidence it manifested. It is always something I need. It came from my core as a messenger, a mirror and also a healing aid. I needed to breathe in the life-force it emanated. Slowly and surely, as I listen and notice, its power and wisdom speaks to me and I learn to tap into its unique symbolic language. The image is surely the language of the soul as well as other arts.

Everything is connected, and has its own special energy and vibration and so is art. Art is healing both for the creator and the observer. More and more researches are done how the art process itself heals, here is a short news from BBC on the power of art 

Art can become your medicine as well, both for you as to change the energy vibration of a room with a painting, or to meditate with it, or through the art process itself. You don´t need any artistic skills to start doodling and working with colors and paint. It is about moving into a journey from the heart and let it guide you through. It becomes like a meditation where one needs to quiet the mind and the negative inner critic and surrender to the art and colors.

I surely want to let the world know about the healing power of art and the art making. It is as old as humanity! We used its medicine when we were living in caves surviving difficult situations. It has grown with us ever since. The natives are wise and use its power with reverence and humility, both as a healing aid like the sand-paintings of the Navajo Tribe to restore balance or the Sand Mandalas of the Tibetan Buddhism, reminding us of the finality of life.

I am so thankful for all of you beautiful people out there who take time to read my subject of passion and follow my blog. It is inspiring to make a community of like-minded people who are on their unique walk in life and support each others paths.

I know that to use my Art to Heal and to help other people Ignite their Creative Spirit is my path. Soul Art Medicine is my soul´s purpose that I will hone and nurture as it grows with me, and I am honored to let its voice be out there. It is twofold both as a vibrational artwork and as a process in creativity. It is my sincere quest and wish to help people who could benefit from applying Soul Art Medicine in their lives. I will offer commissioned paintings for healing and positive vibrations and I will offer on-line creativity services for people and individuals as well as giving guidance and inspiration on creativity, art, nature connection, shamanism, soul purpose and energy work.

I am excited to follow my heart´s calling and be welcome to join me on this unfolding journey. What is your passion and path? Start to make it true by living it and breathing it and make its voice be heard and seen. Everyone has a unique gift to offer the world. Lets spread our wings and let our light shine!

Love and light