Seeing beyond the ordinary

Tree Spirit


The Tree Spirit Keeper. The inspiration for this painting comes from shamanism, where there is a belief that in every tree resides a Spirit Keeper. It is the life force that keeps it growing and emanates its own unique energy. Above it is the wisdom owl, symbolizing all knowing truth that sees beyond illusion. When we start to see with new eyes inspiration follows. When we start to look beyond the ordinary a new world opens and creativity starts to flow. We get into the flow of openness, it is like a veil falling away. We see not just a tree but its Spirit, we see animals and symbols in the clouds, we regard the water spirits dancing when the light flickers around the lake´s surface. We see the trolls and elves in the rock formation. This is seeing beyond the ordinary to really look with not just our eyes but with our senses and playing with our imagination. “Our imagination is more important than our intelligence” this quote came from Albert Einstein and is so true without imagination there would not be so much intelligence anyway. All true design and art derives from our inner source, our imagination and our inspiration comes from both inside and outside sources. So lets be open for inspiration and let it guide us to new images and new stories that start to formulate within us.